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Facebook IPO

May 25th, 2012

Musings on Facebook IPO

Post-IPO, Facebook will need to meet some very tough business and revenue targets, and there has been little evidence to indicate exactly how it will satisfy its shareholders.
Facebook’s success in attracting much-needed advertising revenue has been limited. Part of the reason is that advertisers compare the performance of Facebook ads to other ‘performance marketing’ channels such as search and… read more

Google Plus

May 22nd, 2012

Google+: how content strength and sharing is essential in the new SEO environment

At the end of April, I participated in Search Marketing Now’s webinar regarding Google+ and Social’s Impact on Search. Between the information and statistics provided by the speakers, Monica Wright of Search Engine Land, and Julia Schoenagger of Searchmetrics, and the excellent questions posed by fellow participants of the webinar, I was able to gain a much stronger impression of… read more

Do your digital due diligence

May 14th, 2012

Do your digital due diligence

You’re thinking of investing in an online business? Excellent news – but first let’s make sure you know what you’re buying into. In the first instance, an online businessis defined as one that organises its product, service, information and communications channels via the Internet.
So your first question should be what kind of business is the target actually in? What would the… read more

The millennial generation: a digital necessity

Returning to the topic of the blog post I wrote in February, The Digital Opportunity for the Millennial Generation, I find it important to note another development in the way young people and digital interact. Namely, the necessity for young people breaking into a career to use digital resources in order to find a job. It’s important to think critically… read more