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May 14th, 2012

The millennial generation: a digital necessity

Returning to the topic of the blog post I wrote in February, The Digital Opportunity for the Millennial Generation, I find it important to note another development in the way young people and digital interact. Namely, the necessity for young people breaking into a career to use digital resources in order to find a job. It’s important to think critically… read more

Near Field Communication – will it take off?

Some say this is the year of the contactless payment, although in truth it’s not really taken off yet. I remain dubious about it being this year but the market is definitely growing.  It’s likely that the UK will follow in the footsteps of Japan (as always) and that near-field communication (NFC) payment will slowly be integrated into our daily… read more

Customers first, technology second

Multichannel; omnichannel; mobile; social; e-tail. Retailers have a lot of technology buzzwords flying around at present and most are in a race to upgrade their services. However, what they shouldn’t lose sight of is that the race is to meet what their customers are demanding. After all, the latter are driving this change because of their rate of technology adoption.… read more

What every CEO needs to know – and doesn’t need to know – about digital

“Why aren’t we number 1 in Google?” “What do you mean our company results were leaked on Twitter?” “Should we have a company app?” “I met an SEO agency at a networking event – should we buy them?” “We need more Facebook likes than our main competitor!” “Why won’t Twitter stop that angry ex-employee from rubbishing our reputation?” “My wife… read more