January 19th, 2011

The Good Wife & The Evil SEO

Well, it seems like the Reform blog has had its share of UK entertainment influence, with it’s brilliant Strictly Come Searching series, but back over here there’s a series that’s quite big on CBS TV (and I hear its pretty popular in the UK too) called “The Good Wife”, which is a courtroom / legal drama for those that don’t know.

Anyway, I haven’t ever watched an episode before, but was alerted to this wonderful clip that aired between minutes 1 and 2 of the show last night, which you can watch on – http://www.cbs.com/primetime/the_good_wife/video/?vs=Full Episodes – if you’re in the US at least.  If you are in the UK, you’ll just have to wait for the episode, as it will likely air there soon.

For those with less patience, this is the synopsis of the episode: When Will fears his client is not getting a fair trial because the judge is biased toward him, the law firm hires a jury consultant.

And here’s the scene I enjoyed:

The Good Wife - TV Show

– Lawyer 1: “But the judge will see your job as irrelevant to the crime”
– Client: “Its just, people hate what I do”
– Laywer 2: “Spam”
– Client: (interrupts) “Search engine optimization”
– Lawyer 1: “Don’t worry prosecution will be too busy….”

Yes, in this episode they try to cover up the evil that he does, so that the jury doesn’t align that up with a guilty verdict. For a bit more background, the client is an SEO consultant who dresses up as a Nazi in war re-enactments on the side (which of course, he’s not nearly as ashamed about). Oh, and he’s on trial for murdering his dad.  But as long as they don’t know he does any Search Engine Optimization, all will be fine.

Have to admit, this was disturbing and yet amusing at the same time. Don’t get me wrong, loads of people still get puzzled when one tells others that they do SEO (every SEO I’ve ever worked with says something along those lines to me at some point in their early days), but this is a bit out of hand.  Anyway, next time someone asks what SEO is, send them here.  We’ll be glad to tell you how it all works. No costumes or crimes either.